10 Tierney Rd, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849

About Us

About Dog Training for Humans

Our Location

10 Tierney Rd
Lake Hopatcong NJ 07849

Our Facility

Dog Training for Humans has 2 indoor training rings, and 1 outdoor training ring.

Our Philosophy

Dog Training for Humans is a modern force free dog training company that offers classes, one day workshops, seminars, and in home lessons. Our goal is to help train dogs and educate the public about canine behavior. We believe dog training is not just for puppies, dogs of any age can learn new behaviors and habits.
Training can be lifesaving! Most dogs given to shelters are relinquished as the result of common behavior problems such as barking, household soiling, and destructive chewing. With training these are behaviors that can be changed.
Our dog training programs will not only create a bond with your dog that will last a lifetime but our training is fun way to bond with your dog!

Meet Our Staff

Dog Trainers for Humans
Robin Lash CPDT-KA

Robin Lash CPDT-KA

Owner & Head Trainer
Danielle Limoncelli

Danielle Limoncelli

Pet Training Instructor
Terri Shea

Terri Shea

Client Services

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