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Canine Essentials Group Training Classes

Canine Essentials Group Training Classes

Dog Training for Humans offers the most flexible group training classes around! These classes are designed to set you and your dog up for success. There are multiple opportunities to come to class and allow for several family members to participate a time.

The Canine Essentials program covers every essential skill that you would want to teach your dog to help make them amazing pets.

In our classes we will break down complex behaviors into small easy to learn steps. Our Canine Essentials training program will teach you how to replace your dog’s bad habits with good behavior. Effectively train your dog to respond to cues, as well as teach your dog to automatically perform a behavior based on a given situation. We will teach you how to read canine body language making you a better dog handler and trainer. Train for reliability by adding variation to all previously practiced behaviors. Master the skills by adding distance, duration, and distraction.

  • Move through the levels at your own pace.
  • There is no limit to the amount of classes you can take within your level and a lot of levels are offered several times a week.
  • Small class sizes mean more individual attention.
  • To progress your dog must master one level before moving to the next.
  • Revisit a previous level at any time for a refresher

Each new membership is started with an Orientation. In orientation we will cover what to expect in classes and what we call “the nuts and bolts of dog training”. Orientation is humans only…. no dogs please.

Check our schedule to see when each level is offered. Move through all five levels or choose to stay at a lower level to practice.

Levels of Training

Orientation: your very first class and start of your membership. Orientation is for people only…dogs will stay at home. We will cover what to expect from classes, safety, how dogs process information, body language and a lot more!

Level 00 Puppy Class (for dogs 8-18 weeks of age): socialization, gentle jaws, impulse control, sit, down, stand, informal recall, no jumping, attention and problem solving for all things puppy!

Level 1 Foundations: impulse control, no jumping, sit, down, stand, attention, learn to earn, positive interrupt, name response, go to mat (just to name a few)

Level 2 Manners: recall, default position, touch, loose leash, leave it and how to hold sit, down, and stand (just to name a few)

Level 3 Essentials: stay, settle, no-pull, finish, recalls with distractions, boundary, target mat from a distance, mastery of previously taught commands (just to name a few)

Level 4 Reliability: heel, right finish, stay from a distance, come with distractions and mastery of all previous commands. (just to name a few)

Level 5 Off Leash: open to graduates of Level 4 who are people and dog friendly, and want to develop better off leash control. Level includes emergency sits, come, and heel off leash. (just to name a few)


*Please note dogs will be asked to leave class if they are extremely reactive or aggressive to people and or other dogs.

**If you have any doubt of the suitability of group class for your dog please contact us.


2-Month Membership

4-Month Membership

6-Month Membership

Canine Essentials Schedule

6:00pm Level 5
7:00pm Level 1
8:00pm Level 2
7:00pm Level 3
8:00pm Level 4
8:00am Level 5
9:00am Level 4
10:00am Level 1
11:00am Level 2
12:00pm Level 3
1:00pm Puppy Head Start Level 00