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Danielle went to the University of Rhode Island for her Bachelors in Science then went on to get her Masters in Teaching with a concentration in Special Education. Danielle works full time as a special education teacher teaching fourth and fifth grade students.   Danielle had been training at Dog Training for Humans for 2 years.  She is known to be a patient and conscientious instructor.  In her free time Danielle is a pet therapy elevator for Creature Comfort Pet Therapy.  She also enjoys fostering dogs with O.S.C.A.R as well as walking and training the dogs at the shelter to help them find their forever homes.

Danielle is a proud pet mom of four fur babies; two dogs and two cats two dogs (along with the foster dogs that have come and gone).  Danielle is an avid hiker and nature lover. Since 2017 Danielle and her dogs Jaxon and Boss have hiked over 194 hikes all over the tristate area as well as Maine and Vermont.

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